Greenhouse solutions

INNIO JENBCHER equipment helps you grow food and other plants efficiently in greenhouses. The benefits of cogeneration for greenhouses go far beyond simple heating and lighting.


When used in greenhouse complexes, a combined heat and power (cogeneration) system, INNIO Jenbacher gas engines not only supply electricity to the public grid, but also heat and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) for plant fertilization, meeting the requirements of efficient greenhouse complexes.

Crops grow by converting CO 2 , also in the air, into carbon through photosynthesis, and greenhouse plants absorb even more CO 2 due to the increased artificial light. If the environment of the greenhouse complex is enriched with CO 2 , the temperature is kept constant, and sufficient lighting is provided, the growth and yield indicators can be significantly increased.

How it works?

The energy generated by gas engine cogeneration systems includes electricity that powers the artificial lighting of plants and / or can be supplied to the public grid, heat that meets the environmental requirements of the greenhouse complex, and CO 2 from engine exhaust that fertilizes the plants.

When natural gas is burned in an engine, nearly 1.8 kg of CO 2 is generated per cubic meter of natural gas . This CO 2 is contained in the exhaust gas at a concentration of about 5 to 6% by volume. After purification of exhaust gases using special catalysts (selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and oxidation) are cooled by a heat exchanger to a temperature of about 50 ° C and fed to a greenhouse complex for the enrichment of CO 2 .

INNIO strives to ensure the maximum safety of vegetation. Therefore, the measuring and protection device ensures constant monitoring of the exhaust gas level.


Benefits and features

  • High, up to 95%, efficiency allows you to significantly save resources. (where else did + 5% come from, if previously the overall efficiency was 90%)
  • The heat storage ensures the supply of CO 2 and heat regardless of the season.
  • Reach full capacity from scratch in 10 minutes. there is a note above
  • There is a possibility of supplying electricity to the public network.
  • The LEANOX * Lean Mix and Low Dry Emission (DLE) fuel combustion ensures extremely low emissions.
  • The DIA.NE * XT engine management system provides a high degree of operational safety and availability, as well as reliability with built-in artificial plant lighting controls.
  • The plant construction time is greatly reduced due to the high degree of solution standardization.
  • The design is lightweight, compact and modular.


The introduction of a combined heat and power system using Jenbacher gas engines will help to efficiently power the greenhouse and use the exhaust carbon dioxide from the engines to fertilize plants, providing a truly green solution. It is also possible to generate additional income by redirecting excess energy to the local utility grid.


KTS Engineering offers advanced energy efficient solutions for the provision of greenhouse complexes with electric and thermal energy, as well as carbon dioxide (CO 2 ).


Contact us and we will help you solve energy efficiency issues.